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Bonkers Blog March 2018

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Old Farm

31 March - Bonkers Bexley

Chaos Placing these images on Facebook provoked the expected criticism of Bexley’s lamentable road planning skills. Who was it who could not predict that putting a pedestrian controlled crossing at all four exits of a roundabout would bring it to a frequent standstill?

One of the Facebook critics thought of something that had passed me by. When no pedestrians are attempting to cross, all the lights will be green. Drivers may think it is a traffic light controlled roundabout and assume they have right of way and continue as if they are a protected species.

One of the writers thinks the designer should be shot. Maybe that is going a bit far but why is he still in a job?

The traffic lights appear to be the control for the roundabout as they are too close to the junction, they should have been zebra crossings further back from the junction.

If you’re not local it’s an easy thing to think they give you the right of way. I use the junctions everyday. Even at 5:00 am going to work I’ve nearly been hit by a car not giving way.

The temporary Give Way signs are basically an admittance that it’s been planned wrongly. What’s needed is a freedom of information request to find who designed, planned and approved the junction. Then sue them in court if you are in an accident, using the poor layout design and signage as the reason.


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