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Bonkers Blog May 2018

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1 May - Poisonous Phil

He is still at it. Councillor John Davey was banned from Twitter by Bexley’s Top Dog but Cabinet Member Phil Read is still able to spew out his bile unimpeded. Presumably the Top Attack Dog is happy with the tone of Read’s Tweets which rarely have anything constructive to say.

TweetI’m not sure who the Labour troll is supposed to be but I think we can safely assume that the sad old blogger is me, he has used that description many times before.

West Heath voters will find both Councillors Davey and Read’s names on their ballot papers. No one who believes a politician should be a rational individual and not a loose cannon who spends far too much of his time insulting residents should place their cross against Read’s name.
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“You just have to laugh at the semi coherent Labour trolls who believe abuse is a substitute for sensible discussion!” I think the irony meter has just gone off the scale.

Right, that’s it. Back to the web redesign.

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