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Bonkers Blog May 2018

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3 May (Part 1) - Some bad, some good

Officially, that is as an ordinary member of the public, I don’t know anything at all about my Conservative candidates in Belvedere apart from the names of two of them.

SorryLast Saturday I think it was this card came through my letter box. I was in although the front door was locked and it took a moment to remember where the key was.

Actually their team didn’t call, it was one man in a hurry with a bag of Sorry cards slung over his shoulder.

I received three Labour leaflets and all three candidates came to my door, one of them twice!

They concentrate on their core vote, which isn’t really me, and on their strong areas, which may include me. Until 2014 Lesnes Abbey ward (my part of it is now in Belvedere) was represented by three Conservatives so it is not perhaps an open and shut case here.

While one man made a somewhat pathetic attempt to blank my memory of the past eight years with his Sorry card, the Northumberland Numpty, soon to be the West Heath W…, I suppose I had better not say, is doing his best to do the opposite.

After getting himself into the News Shopper because of his pathetic Tweeting activities Councillor Philip Read thought it was appropriate to post another gem on Twitter. (Below.)

Has the man no brain at all?

At least he reads the blog regularly, maybe I should collect his IP address and put him on the block list. No that would be as childish as him blocking me from reading his Twitter output and, by all accounts, anyone else who dares to criticise the buffoon.

Don’t paint all Conservatives with the same brush though, one sent me this late last night…

“Appalling online behaviour of some colleagues for which I for one would like to apologise.”

Tweet Tweet
His stupidity doesn’t seem to be doing his Twitter follower count any good at all, with luck this evening’s count will take him in the same direction.


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