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Bonkers Blog November 2018

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5 November - They take us for mugs

TweetBexley Conservatives are renowned for lying on Twitter apparently convinced that everyone has short memories and unable to research things for themselves, now they are getting brazen about it.

On 1st November they were bragging that an Independent report, written by Council people from outside Bexley, had said they have strong political leadership, tremendous ambition and a clear strategic direction as if that is by definition a good thing.

You could say much the same of Adolf Hitler.

It was not a particularly new report, it was written in March 2018, but Bexley Conservatives, in their wisdom decided to publish it only last month and give it a bit of publicity as late as last Thursday.

I think they must have been hoping that residents would believe them and not follow the link or at the very least not wade through to the twelfth page of the report because it had this to say about Bexley Council…

Not something to be proud of surely?

Tens of thousands of hours wasted to achieve nothing and unacceptable behaviour at Scrutiny meetings. I’ve seen it myself; one Chairman was inclined to tell opposition Members to shut up and go away.

The report says that urgent action is required and given that the verdict was available to Teresa O’Neill in March maybe some suitable steps have already been taken. Two Scrutiny Chairman were replaced in May although what Councillor James hunt did to deserve his sacking I have no idea; his meetings were always good humoured and civilised but maybe that sort of thing would not go down to well with Bexley’s very own dictator.

Note: This subject was first mentioned here on 11th October 2018 but it seems that Bexley Tories are right about just one thing. Bexley residents really do have short memories; I was asked why I had not given the Tweet and the report’s criticism of Bexley Council any coverage.


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