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News and Comment October 2018

Index: 2020

1 October (Part 1) - Things that go bump in the night

Bellegrove Road Bellegrove RoadBellegrove Road in Welling and Abbey Road in Belvedere have more in common than both being east west corridors that used to be largely free of accidents; they were both redesigned by Bexley’s Head of Highway Services with a bee in his bonnet about narrow roads and an excess of Keep Left pedestrian refuges.

Both have suffered traffic accidents since they were reconstructed and in Belvedere a group of residents is getting very agitated about the loss of their boundary walls and the risk to their personal safety.

I have no idea if Welling residents have similar fears but maybe at least one of them has.

Fewer than two weeks after his last accident report he has updated me on developments over the past three or four days.

FM Conway came along in the middle of the week and replaced the lighting column destroyed only a matter of days earlier. On Saturday a motorist demolished it.

It’s easy to blame careless motorists but with so many accidents occurring in the same old places, isn’t it time that the Highway Engineer who signs off these schemes shouldered some of the responsibility?


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