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Bonkers Blog April 2019

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9 April - More jam has been approved for tomorrow

O'Neill It was Cabinet tonight and a lot of exciting stuff that has been in the pipeline for some while got rubber stamped.

The old Blockbuster store in Sidcup is coming down and will be replaced with a library on two floors and a small cinema.

Town centres are to get free wifi and BTopenreach has already said that Bexley is the best connected borough in London.

The incinerator in Belvedere is to distribute waste heat to nearby homes and in another move towards cleaner energy 26 parking bays across the borough will become electric vehicle charging bays. Not before time but it is very much a chicken and egg situation and there is not much money to be made from it right now.

Further down the line there will be chargers in Council car parks and very fast chargers (known as rapids) just off the A2 and other major roads where long distance travellers can refuel quickly.

All good stuff and now compare that with Waltham Forest Council. I still haven’t been able to complete the Council Tax League table for 2019/20. As of late this afternoon every Council Tax link on Waltham Forest’s website led to the 2018/19 figures. How incompetent can one Council get?


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