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Bonkers Blog April 2019

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11 April (Part 2) - Growing old disgracefully

For BritainI don’t know where he finds the energy but Mick Barnbrook late of this Parish is older than I am and stomping the streets of Pegwell Bay intent on becoming a Councillor in Thanet.

He is up against an Independent and a Green Party candidate as well as, on paper at least, Conservative and Labour candidates.

Those who knew Mick well will remember how he would not be seen dead at an official function without his well pressed suit, a neatly knotted tie and brightly shining black shoes.

Adorned with a political rosette he can very easily look like an old school Tory Cabinet Member.

It’s not a look that goes down well in the current climate; wearing a rosette immediately shouts politician and too easily leads to a punch on the nose.

Mick regretfully cast it aside only to learn that a man on the doorstep in a smart suit at this time of the year still looks like a politician.

The suit and tie have been replaced by an open neck shirt and jumper although Mick draws the line at wearing trainers. I would doubt he owns a pair.

Dressed down if not quite in the Michael Foot tradition he is still met with with aggression, largely Brexit inspired aggression.

Mick says he has seen no sign whatever of a Labour campaign and not much more from the Conservatives. They poked an A3 leaflet through his door.

It is probably not surprising that the two main parties would want to keep their heads down and few would like to see Teresa May and her lily livered supporters humiliated more than I would. I really do not care what becomes of them as long as they go and go soon but do I want to see the Conservative Party disappearing down the same sewer as their leaders?

I very much suspect that out in the sticks, in deepest Kent for example, Conservative Councillors have a similar opinion of the Prime Minister as I do and the only difference between them and me is that they might have some minor influence on her future.

In all probability we will see a traitorous habitual liar continue in her job while hard working political activists and minor politicians will be wiped from the political map on May 2nd.

May needs to be taught a lesson she will never forget and be written into the history books as the most treacherous Prime Minister ever but it probably cannot be done without decimating Conservative Councillors. Bexley Conservatives must be very relieved that they went to the polls last year.

No one ever said that politics was fair.

Note: Michael’s address to voters is only 25% of his leaflet.


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