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Bonkers Blog April 2019

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12 April (Part 2) - Not so Planny Danny?

Danny HacketPerhaps the following words should appear as a postscript and correction to yesterday evening’s blog but if I put it there most of you will miss it.

It would appear that my knowledge of Council procedures is somewhat lacking and the congratulations on Councillor Hackett’s continued appearance on the Planning Committee may have been premature.

Looking ahead to next week’s Full Council meeting agenda suggests that there is a concerted move to boot him off. My faith in a reformed Tory Leadership is perhaps misplaced.

I met Danny for an update on his situation soon after he left the Labour Party so I know that losing the planning position would come as a major blow. He has five years experience on the Committee and has a real passion for the borough not always noted elsewhere.

Would I be wrong to surmise the hand of his former colleagues in this? If so it would be a typical Corbynista Momentum style move; more Hackney than Bexley. I have insufficient knowledge of the internal machinations of Bexley Council to know whether they can put aside politics next Wednesday night and rethink their decision or recommendation or whatever it is. Can we rely on Bexley Tories to honour their election manifesto to put the town before politics?

One can but live in hope.

There may be a connection but since Danny’s departure I am finding it increasingly difficult to find anything good to write about the Labour Party locally. I have never caught them out lying which is clearly a good thing, but they simply make me feel uncomfortable at times.

With the Conservatives apparently turning over a new leaf, the Deputy Leader greeted me like an old friend at Tuesday’s Cabinet - well maybe that is slightly over stating it but it was a move in the right direction - things may be subtlely changing in Bexley and on Bonkers.

Pity about Tweedledum and Tweedledee.


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