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Bonkers Blog April 2019

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13 April - BexleyCon trick again?

The residents of the new Quarry development in Fraser Road Erith are not going to get a new supermarket on their doorstep, Bexley Council says so.

Lidl had applied for planning permission to build on the site where Screwfix and others now are but was refused for reasons unknown this week. Unknown because the document refuses to come up on my computer however many times I try. (*)

Bexley Council has already acquired Wickes and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that BexleyCo has designs on the whole Atlas Trade Park. Putting the same people in charge of building and planning is always going to arouse dark suspicions.Lidl
* The refusal document was eventually downloaded. It may be seen here. Strange that Bexley Council does not like the loss of trees when it was happy to see half of those in the quarry destroyed. Maybe Lidl should offer to build a school.


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