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Bonkers Blog April 2019

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16 April - Worse than Philip Read?

BlockedI quite like Councillor Gareth Bacon. He did a good job with refuse collection ten years ago and talks a lot of sense as Conservative Leader at City Hall. He is not very vocal at Bexley Council meetings but when he is he is on the ball.

The only time I remember him behaving like an idiot was when his wife made a right old mess of Chairing a Scrutiny meeting back in 2013 and he shouted threats to a member of the public who challenged her. I suppose that is just about understandable but I’m not sure what his excuse for behaving like a school kid now might be.

Like Gareth I assume, I think Sidcup4remain frequently posts a lot of nonsense from her anonymous keyboard and I am reminded of David Cameron’s notorious description of Twitter users, but maybe the nonsense is not as extreme as that which comes from another local Labour activist, No time for Racists. I have often thought I should block the latter if for no other reason than having a stupid name - but I haven’t.

I think it is necessary to listen to all views in order to broaden one’s horizons. I even manage to listen to James O’Brien on LBC to remind myself what rabid Socialism might be like.

When Gareth Bacon has sobered up maybe he will have second thoughts.

By the way, Michael Heseltine is not as stupidly provocative as David Lammy, not even close although I do dislike him intensely for being the architect of the Council Tax.

When he is on the radio I am usually thinking “Isn’t it about time you fell off your perch”.

Councillor Bacon is of course not worse than Councillor Read, how could anyone be? When he resorts to Twitter to insult residents and issue false accusations, I might change my mind.


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