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Bonkers Blog April 2019

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26 April - Abbey Wood. The chaos continues

So Crossrail is unlikely to serve Abbey Wood until late 2020 at best which for Bexley Council may be good news; it is just possible that they will have the local roads ready by then.

CCTV CCTV CCTVHowever across the borough border Greenwich Council has sprung a surprise. After months, years even, of telling local traders that there is no money available for CCTV surveillance in Wilton Road, three support masts appeared. No consultation or anything, they just appeared one day.

Can’t complain obviously but it is all rather strange. Just as well the CCTV is to be on the Greenwich side of the road because Bexley doesn’t monitor theirs.

Gayton Road Gayton RoadAt the station end of Wilton Road, Gayton Road is being given a smart new makeover and it is all beginning to look very good but why is the construction method so very different to that employed elsewhere? In Harrow Manorway where the traffic is much heavier granite blocks have been embedded in concrete set above a steel reinforced concrete base.

The same technique was used in Overton Road and the entrance to Sainsbury’s despite the traffic levels being much lower.

But not in Gayton Road. There concrete blocks have been set in sand above an asphalt base. That is exactly the same construction technique used on my front drive.

That has remained stable for the past twelve years but then I don’t have buses and delivery vehicles using it on full steering lock every few minutes.

It looks good but for how long?

Felixstowe Road Felixstowe RoadOn the other side of the tracks Felixstowe Road was scheduled to get the same treatment starting on 23rd April. How goes it?

Not especially well at present; the station lifts are barricaded and parking has been restricted. Beyond that progress has been confined to some paint on the footpath indicating where utility services might be.

The completion date is a beautifully vague Autumn 2019. After originally forecasting completion by June last year you can understand why Bexley Council is keen to take a leaf out of Crossrail’s latest forecasting techniques.

In Felixstowe Road one must wonder if the new convenience store can survive months of limited access. They have already applied for permission to convert part of the shop to a take-away.


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