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News and Comment August 2019

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4 August - Birds of a feather

The more I poke around the web the more I get to understand why Councillor Read was reluctant to answer a question about the connections between the principal players in the Rhys Lawrie case. Rhys did not quite reach his fourth birthday after suffering a life of abuse, abuse that was reported by doctors and teachers alike but ignored by Bexley Council. Just a month before his unnecessary death a teacher warned Bexley Council but it was put aside because it was the Christmas party season and by the time the Social Worker decided it was time for work again it was too late. Rhys had been murdered. Bexley Council went into denial mode. Grandfather Trevor Lawrie is convinced that the police did Bexley Council a favour to get them out of a Baby P situation.

Despite the 39 injuries which proved fatal the police decided that they were commensurate with falling off a a sofa and did not protect a potential crime scene.

Rhys lived in Erith at a time when Bexley Children’s Services were run by Sheila Murphy and and soon after Rory Patterson the previous Director had gone to work for Southwark Council. Conveniently he was selected to write the Serious Case Review that absolved Bexley Council of blame.

Thurrock CouncilMurphy left Bexley too and lo and behold the pair of them got together to run Thurrock Council’s Children’s Services. Under their watch two children have died. The Council tried to gag the local paper and complained about their reporting to the Independent Press Standards Organisation.

Rory Patterson has now left Thurrock Council, officially a retirement but time will tell.

Google used to reveal that Patterson was at Kensington and Chelsea before coming to Bexley but all that is left now is a reference to a missing web page. At the same time Kensington and Chelsea Social Services Department was headed up by Director Terry Bamford.

He transferred to the Primary Care Trust which promptly ran up debts of £14·5 million. Bamford left in a hurry.

Where did he end up? Err, Bexley. What was I saying the other day about the Merry Go Round of failure?

The information reported above only scratches the surface of what has come my way but much of it cannot be verified through web searches but it all adds credence to the suspicion that Bexley Council was very much more responsible for the death of Rhys Lawrie than they would like to admit and that his Grandfather’s hunt for the truth exposed much more than a conspiracy theory.

Hence the refusal to answer Mr. Barnbrook’s questions. Bexley Council was so concerned by his interest that it published a special Addendum in the meeting minutes to refute his suspicions.


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