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Bonkers Blog August 2019

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7 August - Not just the Met. Kent Police are either totally incompetent or corrupt too

Pair of incompetentsContinuing the police corruption theme let’s move from the Metropolitan Police to Kent.

After the Inspector at Swanley told me that there were lessons to be learned from the charge of harassment following my totally factual news reports of former Bexley Councillor Maxine Fothergill’s expensive appearance in the libel court their Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS) told me no one had done anything wrong.

They seemed to think I would be upset by that but I was not in the least. If the Inspector on the ground wanted to have words with the over-zealous sergeant to make sure he didn’t make the same mistake again but the official verdict from the top brass was that nobody did nothing wrong why should I be upset? The more often that senior police officers demonstrate their corrupt ways the better as far as I am concerned. I let the matter drop, job done.

What I didn’t let go is the allegation that Maxine Fothergill’s statement to the police was almost totally false, it started by contradicting Bexley Council’s website which said she had offended against their Code of Conduct (faithfully reported on Bonkers) and went on in similar vein at great length.

Making false statements to the police is a criminal offence and I asked Kent Police to do something about it. They refused on the grounds that I was not Fothergill’s victim. Ditto the Independent Office for Police Conduct and Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

I wasn’t going to mention the subject again until the dispute is finally settled but it is dragging on for ever.

My MP Teresa Pearce could see that the Police at all levels were talking out of their rear ends and she wrote to Matthew Scott the Kent Crime Commissioner to advise him, I assume, that he was seriously mistaken. How could he be otherwise? Exactly who does he think might be her victim?

Eventually Scott’s Chief Executive Adrian Harper replied with specific references to five documents which he claimed excused the decision. Whether he is incompetent, corrupt or stupid I’m really not sure. Fothergill named me 13 times in her statement and it was definitely me who was summoned to appear at Sevenoak’s Magistrates’ Court. Harper is apparently too dim to see the connection.

Not a single one of the five documents referenced by Adrian Harper had anything to do with my allegation at all. They were references to the quite separate correspondence which led to Kent DPS saying that no one had done anything that might possibly be conceived as wrong; or as I would put it confirmed to me their own corrupt ways.

Now Teresa has had to go back to the Crime Commissioner to try to persuade him that the decision made in the Chief Constable’s office (which the Commissioner is presumably blindly repeating) that I was not the victim of Maxine Fothergill’s exaggerated and frequently false claims. It is totally ridiculous and the fact that they are still saying the same after very nearly 18 months of correspondence speaks volumes for their intelligence.

Incidentally Fothergill instructed a solicitor to sue me if I continued to report her activities here. Why she should want her chequered history repeated in court again I have no idea. The Kent Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott is also a former Bexley Councillor. Funny that.


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