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News and Comment August 2019

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11 August - Something smells

The grandfather of Rhys Lawrie, the almost four year old neglected by Bexley Council and subsequently murdered while Bexley’s Social Workers were too busy partying has been in touch with references to a whole load of new information which has only served to confirm his worst suspicions, if only because he is now banned by a judge from talking publicly about the death of a child.

Was there ever better proof that he is on to something?

He lives very close to me, I will have to see if he is interested in meeting.

Meanwhile across the river in Thurrock similar things are happening which I have again been asked not to delve into too deeply at this stage.

One thing that can be confirmed however - because it is in the public domain if one knows where to look - is that Rory Patterson who wrote the Serious Case Review that allowed Bexley Council to escape from a Baby P sized hole was indeed co-opted by Thurrock Council as a Councillor while a Director of the same Council too.

How strange is that?
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