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Bonkers Blog August 2019

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24 August - Another three weeks of road chaos and enormous diversions in Abbey Wood

I am sure some northerners must think that Bexley Council really hates them judging by the way they quite happily inflict so much road disruption accompanied by enormous detours on a fairly regular basis. And how late is the Harrow Manorway regeneration running now, around 15 months isn’t it with the end not yet in sight?

Below their explanation to Councillors together with some diagrams for those less familiar with the area.

On 2nd September resurfacing work will begin on Harrow Manorway and its junctions with Eynsham Drive and Yarnton Way and will last, weather permitting, for approximately 15 nights in total. To minimise disruption the work will be carried out in four stages, on week nights only (Monday to Friday), between the hours of 7pm to 2am. Signed diversions will be in place.

Stage 1 - During the first stage of resurfacing work the south half of the Harrow Manorway/Yarnton Way roundabout (by the car wash) will be closed 2, 3, 4, 5 September. Traffic will be diverted via Knee Hill, Abbey Wood Road, Abbey Road, Gilbert Road, Lower Road, Picardy Manorway and Eastern Way/Yarnton Way depending on direction of travel. For Eynsham Drive traffic will be diverted via Mcleod Road and Basildon Road.

Stage 2 - During the second stage of resurfacing work, the north half of Harrow Manorway/Yarnton Way roundabout will be closed 6, 9, 10, 11, 12 September. Diversion routes will be the same as stage 1.

Stage 3 - During the third stage of resurfacing work (planned 13, 16, 17 September) Harrow Manorway will be closed in both directions between the Harrow Manorway/Eastern Way roundabout and the Harrow Manorway/Yarnton Way roundabout. Traffic will be diverted via Yarnton Way and Eastern Way. Access to Sewell Road will be maintained via Eynsham Drive, Grovebury Road.

Stage 4 - During the fourth stage of resurfacing work (planned 18, 19, 20 September) Harrow Manorway will be closed to northbound traffic only between the Harrow Manorway/Eastern Way Roundabout and the Harrow Manorway/Yarnton Way roundabout. Diversion routes will be the same as stage 3.

I have attached a sketch of the closures for your information, I’m currently having some clearer maps made to go on the Council website.

So far as is practical, noisy operations such as removing the existing road surface and breaking out, will be ended around 11pm and other works no later than 2am. The road will reopen a couple of hours later depending on curing time and weather conditions. TfL bus services will follow the diversion routes and they will publicise these separately. Local drivers who know the road network are likely to divert onto other adjacent roads to avoid the closures.

Letters will be delivered to local residents informing them of the works, advance warning boards and banners will also be erected on site. Furthermore, announcements will be placed on the Council website.

I will be notifying Greenwich Council members via colleagues at RB Greenwich.

Harrow Manorway

Phase 1

Harrow Manorway

Phase 2

Harrow Manorway

Phases 3 and 4


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