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6 December (Part 2) - I suppose it is quite clever really

Conservative leafletJust as I was leaving for the hustings on Tuesday a Conservative leaflet for Erith & Thamesmead came through the letter box.

I thought Joe Robertson’s leaflet was quite good. It appeals to the Erith & Thamesmead Leave majority and highlights one of the polls favourable to the Conservatives. A later one put Labour on 41%, Conservatives 38% and Brexit at 8% so appealing to potential Brexit voters is a shrewd move.

So is reminding everyone that “Teresa Pearce is standing down”.

Teresa commanded a richly deserved personal following and can never be satisfactorily replaced. The 2019 Labour candidate was a Bexley Councillor from 2014 to 2018 during which time she fought against removal of a fire engine from Erith.

Whether she is good or whether she is not so good, does anyone wish to see a Corbyn led government and the economics of the mad house?

The big puzzle with the Conservative candidate is that he claims to live in Abbey Wood but every Google search traces him back to the Isle of Wight; his Register of Members’ interests remains visible on its Parish Council’s website.

Probably doesn’t matter much, maybe he is just shacking up with a mate until 13th December.

Click image to see all of Mr. Robertson’s leaflet.

Note: It has been confirmed that Joe Robertson lives on Bostall Hill in the borough of Greenwich.


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