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News and Comment December 2019

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9 December (Part 1) - Police incompetence - or is it more corruption?

It is 21 months since I wrote to Alan Pughsley, the Chief Constable of Kent, alleging a criminal offence had been committed against me.

Pair of incompetentsIn summary Alan Pughsley said I was not a victim of the crime and so did the Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott. On appeal the PCC said I was abusing the complaints process.

The case was taken up by my MP Teresa Pearce. Matthew Scott’s incompetent outfit told her that the case had been settled and provided her with evidence in the shape of various letters which they hoped would prove me either an idiot or a liar.

Teresa Pearce went straight back to Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner to ask them to look at the papers more carefully. They eventually came back only slightly apologetically to admit they were in a right old muddle. What they didn’t do is answer the original question. How was I not the victim of crime?

Teresa decided that responding to Matthew Scott might not be very useful and she would be better off going directly to the organ grinder.

I’ve seen the letter, it couldn’t be clearer, but precisely six weeks later Alan Pughsley has not seen fit to acknowledge or respond to it.

This creates an interesting situation. I have a written admission from the Crime Commissioner that he was wrong to have dismissed my complaint and accuse me of abusing the process - there is an office for complaints against the PCC - and I can complain again about the Chief Constable of Kent not responding to complaints at all.

If I have counted correctly no fewer than seven similar allegations of crime have been made to Kent Police and every one of them has been ignored, some with an acknowledgment and some without. One might speculate over why that might be.


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