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Bonkers Blog February 2019

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3 February (Part 2) - House buying ramps up

Belvedere Road Belvedere RoadBexley Council announced last week that it expected to buy about 17 houses in the coming financial year to help solve its housing problem. It has already been helping to force up prices by buying property over the past couple of years, sometimes entering bidding wars and depriving ordinary people - Councillors even - of the opportunity to buy starter homes.

Bexley Council made a particular fuss about buying 63 Belvedere Road which is next door to Teresa O’Neill’s favourite park, Burr Farm. All the other purchases slipped by unnoticed giving rise to speculation that there was something special about 63 Belvedere Road.

Would it one day provide a gateway to housing on Burr Farm which has been closed for many years?

Who knows? Never underestimate the deviousness of Councils.

Since it was purchased Bexley Council has had the builders in. Some windows have been replaced and very recently a disabled access ramp has been installed.



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