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Bonkers Blog February 2019

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3 February (Part 3) - BexleyCon?

Both of today’s earlier blogs featured Bexley Council’s plans to add to its property portfolio and sell what it can to BexleyCo. The details came mainly from what was said at last week’s Cabinet meeting and what was written in the Agenda. The latter was perhaps not as clear as it might have been hence the vague reference to some property having been disposed of already or would be soon.

That was not the only vague reference, for example there was another to “recently acquired properties in Slade Green Road”. A mole within the Council drew my attention to the Council’s asset register which is supposed to list their property assets. Many are schools and car parks and of no great interest if one discounts things like Wickes in Fraser Road, and it is too out of date to include 63 Belvedere Road. Nevertheless it enables the piecing together of what a secretive Council may be up to in Slade Green.

The recently acquired units are 176 and 178 Slade Green Road which just like 63 Belvedere Road have an interesting neighbour. In Slade Green Road it is the Community Centre.

Together those properties will form a large and valuable corner plot ripe for redevelopment.

Last week’s BexleyCo report was not only vague in places it would appear to be a long way from telling the whole story.

How many more sites are being secretly put together for future sale?


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