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Bonkers Blog February 2019

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5 February - Keeping it in the family

While thumbs are twiddled waiting for the next round of Scrutiny meetings and I sit hoping that Bexley Council’s webcast audio problem has been fixed, let’s look at a few more old faces.

When I began to keep an eye on Bexley’s Councillors I was surprised to see that very nearly a quarter of the Conservatives were married to each other and that was just the heterosexuals. They even had senior managers married to each other marking their own annual reports.

Like so many things at Bexley Council, things are much better now, the figure for couples is down to only 10% and a bit.

However it is more than likely that Councillors hand their jobs from one generation to another, not that that is a bad thing, at least they should have gained some idea of what they were letting themselves in for before running around with blue rosettes begging votes.

Davey French French French
Newton Sams Slaughter

You will note that French was a common name (pointer pop up, Photos 2, 3 and 4) - there was even a Brian Francoise at one time - but whether Liz and Mike French (Photos 2 and 3) were related to the current Deputy Leader Louie French must be in some doubt. They were both Labour Councillors.

Margaret Davey, Liz French, Mike French, Ronald French, Leonard Newton, Rita Sams, Michael Slaughter.


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