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Bonkers Blog February 2019

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25 February (Part 2) - The Grand Old Duke of York

CraskeAt this evening’s Cabinet Meeting Councillor Peter Craske went through his carefully rehearsed speech on recycling frequencies.

The man in charge of bins told us how residents had forecast that changes would cause a plague of maggots to descend on Bexley and the recycling rate would fall if the plans were implemented and then revealed, like the showman he is, that he was referring back to 2007 and none of those things had come true, far from it.

Councillor Craske expertly dismantled the consultation responses that said Bexley would stink as it became submerged in a sea of rotting food because no one was suggesting that food waste would no longer be collected weekly and residents had got him all wrong.

Going to three weekly collections would save nearly a million pounds a year he proudly proclaimed getting ever redder as he built his speech towards its climax.

He said that a great deal of food was currently ending up in the green bins and how the recycling rate could rise from 50% to 60% if only more residents could be forced into recycling food properly and that might happen if the green bins were emptied less frequently.

I wrote a Tweet to say that Bexley was going three weekly for its green bins and my finger hovered over the Send button, but then he did it. Crashed his gearbox straight into reverse.

He was sticking with the status quo on residual waste (green bin) collections.

Quite clearly someone had got at him or he was outvoted by the Luddites alongside him.

The Finance Director said the decision could hit all Council taxpayers in the wallet.

It’s not often one feels sorry for the old blogger but there is no denying that all the best ideas have come from him in the past couple of years. This time he has not been able to carry his blinkered colleagues with him.


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