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Bonkers Blog January 2019

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16 January - My second referendum

I don’t see any need for a second referendum following Calamity May’s deserved humiliation last night, I’ve conducted my own with the aid of family members and an Excel spreadsheet.

There were only 19 of us in 2016 so the sample is necessarily small but on 23rd June they split 10:9 in favour of leaving. That’s 52·63% Out and 47·37% Remain. The country as a whole said almost exactly the same thing.

Since then some of the more extreme Remainers have had their wish that the older family members should go away and die come true, three of them, all Leavers, have done exactly that.

One Remainer has been extremely vocal referring to Leavers as stupid and thick at one end of the abuse spectrum and fascists, Nazis and racists at the other. Another firmly believes that all the abuse comes from the Leave side and not long ago I was subjected to a lengthy phone call about it.

Elsewhere three Remainers have simply accepted the situation and one who runs his own business has plans to open a branch in Dublin if he has to.

Two other Remainers have been so shocked by the undemocratic activities on both sides of la Manche they have switched to being Leavers.

However death has not been the only cause of population changes because there has been a marriage and a shacking up together so we are back up to eighteen in number.

The divide is now 10:8 which is 55·56% Leave to 44·44% Remain.

These champions of a people’s vote should not count their chickens and unless they can swing things their way by a massive majority they will be creating more divisions. They will have already demonstrated that single figure majorities don’t count. Nothing will have been achieved.


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