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Bonkers Blog January 2019

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20 January - They just can’t help it. Lying that is

TweetAnother lying Tweet from the Bexley Tory team that is incapable of telling the whole truth and sometimes none at all.

The BiB blog they are referring to welcomed the fact that Bexley Council had given up on its plan to charge for parking at Hall Place and that only a few years ago they were hell bent on imposing charges.

The “bad news” was a reference to the plan to charge admission fees to Hall Place gardens with no discount for children - nothing to do with parking charges. That is a very long way from saying that it was all bad news even though the Conservative Councillor for the area thought it would be.

The Tweet is not what the Tory liars claim at all and it is absolutely true that Councillor Craske was very keen to impose parking charges after spending an enormous amount of money (millions!) on resurfacing the car park. The plan to impose charges was in Bexley Council’s Strategy 2014 document and the reasons were captured by my audio recorder.

I also have audio recordings of what was said in support of charging as I have too for the update on the situation where the impact of charges on Hall Place visitor numbers was discussed at a Scrutiny meeting. It was also confirmed that the contract with Miller & Carter who operate the Hall Place Steak House was proving to be problematical. All captured on audio and still available as evidence.

Apart from death and taxes there are two more certainties in life. One is that what you read on Bonkers will invariably be true and the other is that anything published by @bexleynews will invariably be a lie.

Note: I have been away for three days and wondered if a quick blog might be possible this evening without much effort on my part. I am deeply grateful to lying Tories for providing BiB with such an easy target.


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