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Bonkers Blog January 2019

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22 January - Shaping the future of Belvedere

Bexley Council Press Releases would not normally be given blog prominence although the most interesting ones are always stored away for reference purposes.

Today’s is however a little bit special, it gives notice that ‘Lower’ Belvedere stands on the threshold of renewal. Let’s give the pair of liars who run the @bexleynews twitter account something to throw back at me over the coming months; the redevelopment of the area around Belvedere station will likely sound the death knell of Belvedere as it exists today.

At a public meeting to be held next Monday and reported here shortly afterwards, Bexley Council’s Cabinet will authorise expenditure to sharpen up the plans to redevelop the area and provide over time as many as 8,000 new dwellings. Few will disagree that an area that has been neglected for so many years could do with a bit of sympathetic investment.

In other news, a letter of complaint has gone to the Independent Office for Police Conduct about the Chief Constable of Kent’s refusal to accept an allegation of crime I made against former Bexley Councillor Maxine Fothergill. He has a track record for ignoring allegations of crime made against Fothergill but is very good at arresting people - three of them to my knowledge - who she wrongly accuses of fraud.

As always the expectation is not securing justice but acquiring an excuse even more ludicrous than the last one.


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