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Bonkers Blog January 2019

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28 January - Kent Police: Intransigence, Incompetence or worse?

Kent Police and the Crime CommissionerHave you been following the continuing story of Kent Police playing some odd game over my crime allegations against Sevenoaks Conservative activist and former Bexley Councillor Maxine Fothergill?

She wrote a police statement on 29th December 2017 which resulted in me being charged with Harassment. It cost me a great deal of money in legal fees despite much of it being demonstrably untruthful.

I thought what she did was with criminal intent and I wrote to the Chief Constable of Kent on 26th March 2018 alleging a criminal act; another to add to the half dozen or so from various of her victims, all falsely arrested at her behest.

The Chief Constable couldn’t be bothered to reply. I asked him why not last December and he eventually got around to saying it was because I was not the victim. Surely that cannot be true? Who does he think was?

As yet he has not provided an explanation of his strange behaviour. I have my theories but Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner has assured me they are wrong.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct says there is nothing they can do about the situation although I suspect their reply by return of post indicates they spent no time on the case and misunderstood it.

I am not sure what you can do about Kent Police’s refusal to talk to me about a crime committed against me. If every police authority gangs up in a conspiracy of silence hat can the lasw abiding citizen do?

While thinking about the next step I have posted a brief summary on both the Index and Home pages of Bonkers to ensure their exposure to the maximum possible audience. It will remain there until I get some sort of answer out of them.


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