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Bonkers Blog January 2019

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Undated - Grab yourself a quick hundred quid. No catch!

BulbI expect most readers are aware of the cheaper green energy deals available from some of the less established utility companies and one of the best known is called Bulb. Probably that’s because they give new customers referred by friends a strings free £50. There is no minimum contract period so if you don’t like it you can leave without penalty at any time, not that there is any very obvious reason to do so as they are currently the cheapest for most users in this part of the world and £50 goes a long way towards making up the small difference even if there is one.

The reason for mentioning it here is that for one week only you can get a £100 welcome bonus which will make switching a no-brainer for anyone who hasn’t very recently switched provider.

All you have to do is to join up using this link - - no other will do and it must only be used between Thursday 17th January and Wednesday 23rd January inclusive. Outside those dates you will have to make do with a less generous £50.

I must confess that I will additionally get the same monetary bonus. If anyone makes the switch I intend to put the proceeds (up to a limit of £1,000) towards the cost of defending myself against the ill-informed prosecution brought on behalf of Maxine Fothergill by Kent Police and any excess to be divided between the two Greenwich based bloggers who were so very supportive. I will also repay the donations from those well wishers the identity of whom I managed to track down.

If an unexpectedly large sum was raised the money would be distributed equally among myself and the aforesaid bloggers.

Note: This blog is coded such that it should appear at the top of the January month page until after 23rd January anyway. I think it will likely screw up the Today function; oh well, but see link below.

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