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Bonkers Blog July 2019

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10 July (Part 2) - Transport for London. Talking fresh Lunacies

Bus stop Bus stop Bus stopThe inaccurate bus stop sign outside Abbey Wood station was first mentioned here on 9th March and pictured six days later the reason being that it is very obviously the wrong sign in the wrong place.

It is marked Lensbury Way which is a quarter of a mile to the north and because of that the B11 is not listed as stopping there because that route does not serve Lensbury Way.

A Bonkers’ reader whose faith in getting TfL to do something about it is perhaps touching has batted emails to and fro with Transport for London to no avail. Here is the latest bit of nonsense that has come out of their Customer Service Department.

TfL emailAccording to Naomi Tuckett who can have no knowledge of the area but knows better than her correspondent who lives only a few hundred yards from the flyover the B11 stops only at bus stop D.

That is indeed correct but only for those wishing to travel in the opposite direction.

I wonder if there is some kind soul on Bexley’s Transport Sub-Committee who could phone 0343 222 1234 and put Naomi out of her misery with Stop A?

Maybe she will do better with the question about there being insufficient shelter at both stops. An arrivals board would be nice to. Most station bus stops have one, why not the most prestigious locally?


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