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News and Comment July 2019

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11 July (Part 2) - The non-stop gravy train

Remember how I said that highly paid public servants are mainly interested in job jumping their way to the top collecting Golden Goodbyes as they go but I had lost some of the documents that helped prove it?

Bexley’s former Chief Executive Gill Steward was handed £94,000 for a two year stint in the borough whilst achieving nothing very obvious and now she has been replaced by Jackie Belton who has come to us via Newham and Lambeth.

A trawl through Newham’s web archive reveals that Ms. Belton was gifted £170,000 when she left as a Director on 30th April 2015 and was paid £13,334 for that one month’s work, if that is the appropriate description for what a Council Chief Executive does.

Four years later she left Lambeth. On past form she seems to be good for at least forty grand a year just for leaving for a better job let alone the £150,000 a year salary.

This clique of people jumping on the pay Merry Go Round which is the public purse are disgusting aren’t they?

Sir Eric Pickles was right when he said that none of them were worth more than £100k. a year and shouldn’t be employed at all if the borough has, as in Bexley, a full time Council Leader.

What’s wrong with the perpetual temporary stand in Paul Moore or even Jane Richardson? Both know Bexley inside out while recent Chief Execs have only known the inside of a bullion vault.
Paid off

Note 1 merely gives the date of departure.


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