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Bonkers Blog July 2019

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31 July - Hasn’t he done well?

Falkirk FCI continue to get emails from Falkirk where a mystery man is trying to buy the football club. His name is Mark Campbell and some of the fans up there think he is the same Mark Campbell who tried to open a cab company in Bexley Village in 2012 and whose father was Deputy Leader of Bexley Council until 2014.

Except that the image shown here looks a bit like his father and the age matches our local Mark Campbell I am unable to provide a positive ID. Can you?

My opinion of the former Deputy Leader is probably best not written down but is based on the fact that he went on BBC TV in 2013 and every single word he uttered was a lie.

When both father and son took over a pub in Bean a salesman at the drinks wholesaler Maison Maurice wrote to me with a lengthy description of Mark Campbell which he summarised as “a total con man”. Maybe the salesman got him wrong but a whole file of stuff including Court papers was bundled with it.

Some of the Falkirk fans are concerned that their mystery man may be the same as ‘ours’ and not live up to expectations. He claims to be a billionaire who made his fortune in the USA. Google ‘Falkirk Football Club Mark Campbell’ and there are lots of impressive hits, including the BBC Sport web page.


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