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Bonkers Blog June 2019

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4 June - Bexley Conservatives missed the bus. (And the train, and the bikes and taxis too)

Yesterday’s Press Release from the Bexley Labour Group argued that converting 26 of Bexley’s parking bays to electric vehicles only without listening to objections ran the risk of harming business in the borough and they may well be right. In the short term they almost certainly will be but eventually, if government ambitions are to be realised, we are likely to see many more such charging points. Within months new electric vehicles will become available from Vauxhall (the Corsa), KIA (the Soul), BMW (The Mini) Citroën (the C-Zero), MG (the ZS), Peugeot (e-208), Volkswagen (too many to mention) and Audi. More charging points will become essential.

Note the absence of Ford which has been sitting on the sidelines ignoring the trend and hoping it will go away. They will surely pay the price.

Labour is on much firmer ground with another Press Release. Each year Bexley Council allocates Councillors to Committees, some of them London wide ones. Naturally all the best jobs go to Conservatives.

A year ago they put forward three names for the London Councils Transport and Environment Committee. Labour put forward three names too but fat chance!

2018/19 Committee appointees. Councillor Craske and Deputies Councillors Sawyer and Seymour.

As you will know. Bexley is particularly badly served by public transport; no Tube, no tram, no DLR, no river crossings and no Crossrail - the terminating buffers straddle the Greenwich/Bexley boundary.

The Chairman of Bexley’s Transport Users’ Sub-Committee regularly complains that TfL fails to show up at any of her meetings and rightly so but it would appear that there is an element of hypocrisy about that.

It became clear at the last Council meeting that Bexley’s delegate to the London-wide Committee never ever bothered to show up. And what about his two Deputies? Exactly the same. Not a single meeting out of four attended!

How is Bexley ever going to get a fair crack of the whip if it is not represented? We have had no say on electric car charging points, air quality, fly tipping, dockless bikes for hire, concessionary fares and the Freedom Pass, the TaxiCard and the Ultra Low Emission Zone which will soon be loading extra costs on most of us,

Looks to be a disgraceful state of affairs don’t you think?


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