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Bonkers Blog June 2019

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20 June - Councillor puts on a show of determined perseverance

Van NoticeThis yellow van has appeared here before which is not very surprising if you consider it has been parked behind some flats in Coptefield Drive, Belvedere since before this blog began in 2009. Until earlier this year it had a twin and both were filled with builder’s rubbish.

Despite numerous complaints by residents and former Councillors Bexley Council has always said "nothing to do with us guv" because it is on private land.

Councillor Hackett tried to get Bexley Council to take action by taking the fire risk line but nobody cared.

One of his successors, Councillor Dave Putson (Labour), continued the struggle and gradually wore down the Deputy Director of Public Protection who hadn’t been living up to his job title.

The rumour among local residents - although I have seen no evidence - is that Dave pulled the asbestos card.

The land owner has been served with a notice to remove the yellow van by yesterday. These photos taken as the deadline was expiring show non-compliance. A £5,000 fine looms which presumably will be added to the householders’ maintenance bills.

Will they still be grateful to Councillor Dave Putson for fighting their corner?


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