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Bonkers Blog March 2019

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19 March - Another money raising trap to look out for

I was alerted to a ‘new’ yellow box camera in Erith Road so I went along to take a look. I’m not sure how new it is; the yellow box has been there since time began but I confess to never having noticed the camera.

Yellow box junction Yellow box junction Yellow box junctionI’m not much bothered to be honest, I don’t go into yellow boxes whether a Council has added a CCTV money trap or not. This one must be fairly new because it is not listed on last yearְ’s list of sites where PCNs were issued. (Council provided Excel spreadsheet.)

It may be a successful money spinner because of Bexley Council’s poorly designed roundabout 150 yards ahead. Thanks to their idiocy it is frequently gridlocked with a long tail back. Maybe that is all part of the grand plan.

I’m sure that if you asked Bexley Council why they like camera monitored yellow box junctions they would tell you that it is a safety measure. Nonsense of course, there is no way a yellow box junction improves road safety although if one is installed in a half sensible place it may improve traffic flow.

However the real reason for their proliferation is very well known, they are an easy way to raise money and with a 5% rise in Council Tax only a couple of weeks away, a 15% increase in the bin tax, 25% on the already extortionate Residents’ Parking Permits and 30% on some car park charges, who will be surprised by Bexley Council’s attitude towards motorists?

Two years ago the Agenda for a Resources Scrutiny meeting confirmed that Bexley Council was banking on an increase in Enforcement revenue.

One of my pet dislikes about yellow box junctions is that if they are not kept in good condition they become near invisible after dark and in the rain because of a variety of coloured reflections on a wet road. The fact that Bexley’s yellow boxes are fading away is proof positive that they have absolutely nothing to do with safety.

It may be worth repeating the rules about yellow box junctions. It is well known that stopping when turning right provides an exemption but Bexley Council believes that all other stopping is illegal and they will attempt to fine you for it.

You must then ask them for evidence that the exit was not clear when you entered the box because that is the law. You may only enter the box if your exit is clear. If some loon barges in from your left and occupies your intended space or someone overtakes and races to it, then you should be in the clear. Argue your case and appeal if necessary. Experience has shown that Bexley Council prefers to ignore the law, but then they always did.

Note: I have been involved with illegally issued yellow box PCNs in Bexley. Know your rights, the Council bully boys will see sense eventually.


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