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Bonkers Blog March 2019

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21 March (Part 3) - The Public meeting that isn’t really

I usually check the calendar of Council meetings a month in advance so that I can see which days are clear to make personal arrangements. On that basis and about a month ago I arranged a trip to North London for today but last week it had to be cancelled. On rechecking the Council calendar I was surprised to see a Joint Scrutiny meeting listed for this evening which I felt sure must be a recent addition. Today I checked the Agenda to see if it might be worth attending.

Lucky I did. Only when I opened the PDF document did I see that the meeting is to be held in Bromley and without the benefit of a webcast. Councillors from a variety of local Councils will be there and only two from Bexley. I suppose such things cannot be avoided but it makes a bit of a mockery of Public meetings. I suppose I should be grateful it isn’t being held in Lambeth Town Hall.
Joint meeting


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