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Bonkers Blog March 2019

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23 March - Designed by a loser?

Wilton Road Wilton RoadAmong the many design disasters on Abbey Wood’s refurbished flyover is this one.

Knowing how cyclists ignore red lights the road designer appears to have accepted their lawlessness and routed them through any pedestrians who might be observing the rules of the road.

This inconsequential blog entry appears here mainly because I don’t want anyone thinking that I may have caught a train to join the Losers’ March.

I have instead done the usual Saturday thing and updated some of the Photo Features. Check the time stamps if you wish, you won’t catch me on any march.

Gayton Road.
Harrow Manorway.

Harrow Manorway has another silly cycle track design like the one shown opposite Sainsbury’s but there is also another (Photo 42, 23rd March) which is probably as good as they are likely to get.

Just for fun an old map of Bexley has been added. My favourite landmark is perhaps the Trolleybus Depot but maybe the Bexley Mental Hospital runs it close.


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