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Bonkers Blog March 2019

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29 March (Part 4) - Not guilty. Bexley Tories are probably making it up

Tweedledum and TweedledeeUsually when the two twerps who run Bexley Conservatives’ Twitter account post something like this they are referring to me, but this time I don’t think they can be.

Tweet The word ‘loony’ has never been used on Bonkers next to the word ‘idea’ which is perhaps surprising.

‘Loony’ has been used a total of six times in nearly ten years and always preceding the word ‘Left’ - and some of the less intelligent Tories still refer to me as a Labour supporter, sometimes Labour Troll.

‘Wreck’ occurs for a total of 21 times but only once about a Bexleyheath road. Fears were expressed for the future of Albion Road which became single tracked instead of two. Tory Councillors said the same.

There are six occurrences of the phrase ‘vanity project’ but none have anything to do with roads.

So I would guess that just for once the Tweedleboys have not got me in mind, and nor should they.

There have been two references to the Gravel Hill roundabouts improving traffic speed, most recently on 20th January 2017 when the following comment appeared…

“I suspect that the roundabouts proposed for Gravel Hill at both the Watling Street and Albion Road junctions might improve traffic flow.”

… while at the same time hoping they would be better designed than some of the others that had gone before. Since the Gravel Hill roundabouts were brought into use my only criticism has been of the standard of driving to be seen there. An almost total disregard for lane discipline.

Bexley Tories have a bit of a cheek claiming that installing roundabouts instead of traffic lights was a brilliant move, it probably was but those of us with long memories may wish to remind them who it was that replaced the original roundabouts with traffic lights. We are merely back to square one.


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