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Bonkers Blog March 2019

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31 March - Slower is good and quicker journeys are good too. Bexley Council likes both

SeymourThe final item of any importance at Thursday’s Places Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting was the Cabinet Member’s report. In some respects it was more forecast than report as Councillor Craske headlined some of the things he planned to say at Cabinet on 9th April. The looking back was largely confined to the new road system affecting Gravel Hill and Albion Road.

The narrowing of Albion Road has resulted in traffic speeds being reduced by 24% which Councillor Craske thought was good. Congestion at the two Gravel Hill junctions (now roundabouts) has been reduced by 25% in the morning and 23% in the evening.

There has been a 7% reduction in congestion on Gravel Hill at the A2 end and the shorter journey times were said to have been noticed by the bus companies.

Another traffic problem is parking around schools and he planned to ask the Committee their opinion on a variety of schemes. Councillor Craske said some Councils had installed bollards that rise out of the road at appropriate times. He described that as “quite extreme”.

Nothing will change until well into next year at best.


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