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Bonkers Blog May 2019

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6 May (Part 1) - The cretins who run Newham take a break

PrattAfter both the hospital and Social Services told my sister that no re-enablement package or indeed anything else had been put in place to help my aunt’s recovery because she was already privately paying for help they all waltzed off on holiday leaving my sister in despair of what to do next.

No medication supplied, no District Nurse to administer it. No physiotherapy, no occupational therapy. If that is not negligent what is?

The reason the care has been privately funded is because Newham’s Social Services are so appallingly bad.

There is now a dreadful Catch 22. If we are to find a care home for my aunt and it is away from Newham where the word care appears to be a dirty one it will have to be back in Hampshire where my sister lives. But how can she set about selecting a suitable home when she has to be in London on 24/7 duty?

I think I should take over the role as she is going to drop from exhaustion soon and has a foreign holiday booked for a week’s time but the only thing we seem to agree on now is that her phone call to Tayberry ward agreeing a two day delay to the discharge was a very big mistake. We should have just walked away and if anyone from Newham is reading this please take that lesson on board. Get a written assurance from the appalling Dr. Charlotte Pratt (GMC Number 3083318) that all the support services have been put in place before allowing any old person to be discharged from Tayberry or Thistle wards.

A physiotherapist turned up unexpectedly on Saturday morning and spent best part of an hour with my aunt but the main message seemed to be that no one in Newham cares about anything but their budget and the chances of them doing anything useful is close to zero.

Meanwhile all I have been able to do is read the websites of various medical negligence lawyers.

Thanks to the many readers who have offered advice and those who have retweeted messages to tens of thousands of their followers. It is essential that the management and senior medical staff of Newham Hospital are shamed mercilessly.

P.S. The complaints email for Newham Hospital (palsandcomplaints@) printed on their leaflet is another dud. Three days after I used it, their server - not mine - returned my message appended with “delivery temporarily suspended”. I suppose they have gone on holiday too. Newham Hospital can do absolutely nothing right.


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