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Bonkers Blog May 2019

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15 May - Why, why, why? Yoga, Yellow, Yuck

It’s two weeks before the next Council meeting so Bonkers will have to tread water while Bexley Councillors take a break. I shall have to learn from that motor mouth Steve Allen on LBC Radio who prattles on about anything and nothing for three hours every morning. He spouts inconsequential trivia without audience input for three whole hours. It's some sort of genius or perhaps insanity, I am not quite sure.

Maybe there is a market for it, when Bonkers went wildly off topic while I was in East Ham for most of last week, the site visitors went up and not down. I shall have to be there again in an hour or two so this short blog may go out incomplete at first and added to later.

There was a brief aside about the Yoga Club that used to operate from the Lesnes Abbey Lodge, but does so no more. I said I didn’t really know why.

YogaA reader helpful as ever educated me.

Bexley Council was being completely unreasonable so the club owner upped sticks and found somewhere better.

The problem with people who sit in ivory towers is that they have never done anything creative in their lives, relying on their dictatorial powers to ride roughshod over hard working people sometimes for their own personal satisfaction.

The full statement is available by clicking the image and the Yoga Club’s website is here.

I still struggle with Facebook but for the masochists out there

Long term fly tipping
Van VanTwo yellow vans were abandoned opposite my house about ten years ago, it might be longer. A neighbour who lived in the adjacent flat for eight years and moved out two years ago told me they were there before he bought the flat.

The ‘creosote’ on the fence behind them has faded almost to invisibility but you can still see the outline where no one could reach to apply the preservative.

Over the years they have been reported to various Councillors and Council officers. The Tory Councillors did nothing, the officers said there was nothing they could do because the vans are not on public land.

My reports fell on deaf ears because of who I am, one of my fly tipping reports reached Cabinet Member Craske which was probably the kiss of death because it was allowed to fizzle out.

Councillor Danny Hackett reported the vans which were full of wood and other combustible materials as a fire hazard. There was some toing and froing but he kept hitting the same brick wall. Not our land, not our business if an arsonist sets the adjacent flats on fire.

After the 2018 election Councillor Dave Putson (Labour, Belvedere) took up the cudgels. One of the vans disappeared about three months ago and now he tells me the other one should go soon.

He has persuaded the Council officers to take action against the land owner. Well done Dave and the Council officer who saw sense.

As already reported, former Bexley Councillor and libel expert Maxine Fothergill was not allowed to stand as a Conservative Councillor in Sevenoaks on 2nd May. Too many skeletons available to web searches presumably but in the recent rather strange election Independents did well. Although Sevenoaks bucked the national trend to some extent it was often a case of anyone but Conservative or Labour. Maxine Fothergill was elected by the gullible of Fawkham as an Independent.

Maybe the police protection she appears to have enjoyed for many years is coming to an end, everyone she accused of theft but the police exonerated have been re-interviewed by the police as witnesses looking for the missing (minimum) hundred grand.

Sevenoaks Councillors.

This is not new news of course and apologies to the informer who let me know about it within hours of the results being declared, spare time has as you know been in short supply recently.


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