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Bonkers Blog May 2019

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18 May - Back home

I’ve just realised I didn’t finish the saga of my aunt and the care home, so in brief…

She hated it just as she did when last put in one. I didn’t like it either. The inmates mainly said nothing so were no company for her and there were some over-amorous old men on the prowl - and one woman which I discovered for myself!

On my first visit my aunt told me she thought she was lost and would never see anyone she knew again. “It is a miracle you managed to find me.”

She was so obviously miserable that another plan was called for. I spent two days reorganising her house. Various small items of furniture to the dump and a bedroom downstairs.

I got her home again on Thursday afternoon. She has not objected to the new layout but it will take time for her to get used to it. The confusion remains, some of it would be funny in different circumstances.

When I last phoned she knew who I was but said I shouldn’t visit because she had to go to work. I persuaded her it was Saturday and she need not go. By then she thought I was her employer. Goodness knows how this will end. Maybe some people dump their old folk in a home and try to forget them, it’s probably the only way they can get their life back. But hard to do. Probably impossible for me.

Newham Council said they would fund the care home for four weeks to give me time to make alternative arrangements. She was in the home for five nights. Yesterday Newham Council notified me of the forthcoming bill.

Pretty much nothing goes right in Newham.


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