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Bonkers Blog May 2019

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20 May - Bexley Conservatives. Lying naturally from 2013 through to 2019

TweetThis Tweet looks to be fairly innocuous but it needs to be examined by someone with a long memory.

It claims that Bexley Council expected to save a million pounds by moving into new offices instead of spreading themselves over several sites but instead saved £2 million.

Well done! Congratulations are due.

It is absolutely true that a one million pound saving was the original plan, it was broadcast over the Council’s display screens before the old offices closed. See the ‘Blue’ image below.

The subject was discussed at a Council meeting in April 2013

However ten months later with an election approaching there was a need to exaggerate the savings, Bexley Tories slipped in a figure of £1·5 million in February 2014. (The ‘Green’ image.) It was thought to be a lie at the time and now Bexley Conservatives have confirmed that it was.

They are not going to use that figure now because saving a million in 2019 looks very much better than saving only half a million.
Lie 1 Lie 2
Lie 3This Tweet is fairly self-explanatory. It claims that Bexley Tories were campaigning to move the Northumberland Heath bus stop as long ago as 2017 when everyone knows that they didn’t do a thing about the traffic congestion caused by Tesco delivery lorries from the moment the store opened at the end of 2012 until Labour Councillor Wendy Perfect adopted the six year old problem and got things moving.

If the Conservatives had been seriously interested in solving the problem they could have signed off a few orders years ago. They knew it was going to be a problem, they said so at the planning meeting.

They did nothing until they saw a Labour Councillor taking the initiative.


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