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Bonkers Blog May 2019

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29 May - Belvedere and other Roads

No sooner had I repeated my Belvedere Road correspondent’s report on the bungalow which Bexley Council bought for a reported £638,000 than he comes back with an update.

63 Belvedere Road looks like it’s occupied. Small black car in drive and loads of empty packaging in drive plus an overflowing green wheelie bin which if it was mine wouldn’t get emptied because overfull.

Well that’s nice, at least someone is getting the benefit of all that tax money.

RoadMeanwhile a mile or two to the North, Bexley Council is spending an awful lot of Network Rail’s money on creating a largely pedestrianised area on the Northern flank of the new railway station.

It’s not going to be suitable for large vehicles is it but if the shops are to be serviced some provision for them will have to be made.

If those parking bays are full the road will have to be blocked.

Just around the corner there is a 6'6" width restrictor with no room to turn around.

Felixstowe Road
Will we get the promised trees? Gayton Road didn’t.


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