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30 May - Praise where praise is due

The annual Mayor making meeting is always a fun evening for friends and families of Councillors, especially those of the incoming and outgoing Mayors and their Deputies. Yesterday’s seemed even more so than usual.
The Labour Group went through their customary routine of proposing one of their own as Mayor but have yet to grasp the fact that generosity and equality is the preserve of other Councils, not Bexley. It is doubtful that any Conservative was even listening to the list of virtues possessed by Councillor Stefano Borella which were so cleverly catalogued by Councillor Joe Ferreira.

The Labour Group’s token effort to appoint a Labour Mayor is nothing but a charade. Everything is choreographed to perfection beforehand right down to the neatly fitting robes.

Tory disdain for a Labour Mayor did not however stop Labour Leader Daniel Francis from voicing my own view, that outgoing Mayor Brian Bishop was the best we have seen for a very long time; not a single awkward moment except perhaps when he muddled a name or two.

Usually some mischievous Councillor will reel off a list of the outgoing Mayor’s weaknesses and mistakes, frequently not suitable for public broadcast in my opinion but Councillor Eileen Pallen whose job it was to formally thank Councillor Bishop for his year of service said that her research had failed to reveal anything embarrassing at all. A surprise to no one.

SeymourThe new Mayor Councillor Geraldene Lucia-Hennis was proposed by her old friend and ward colleague Councillor Seymour (the Photo is from 9th March 2011) and looked resplendent in her scarlet outfit although the prize for elegance must go to Councillor Richard Diment’s wife who had spent the afternoon at a Buckingham Palace Garden Party and came down to earth with a bump by having to sit next to me. A very pleasant lady if I may say so.

Mayor Geraldene Lucia-Hennis showed a side I hadn’t seen before with her sometimes emotional acceptance speech. She won a well deserved round of prolonged applause and perhaps a friend on Bonkers.

When the formal business of the meeting commenced all the signs were that she intends to rival her predecessor’s professionalism.

Mayor Bishop Councillor Lucia-Hennis Mayor Lucia-Hennis Mayor Lucia-Hennis

Mayor Lucia-Hennis Deputy Mayor James Hunt Councillor Daniel Francis Mayor Bishop

Bexley’s new Chief Executive Jackie Belton failed to put in an appearance; Finance Director Paul Thorogood ably took her place.

Council Press Release.


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