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Bonkers Blog November 2019

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29 November (Part 1) - Forthcoming events

West Street ParkThe residents’ group that has been set up in an attempt to protect Erith from the excesses of Bexley Council’s regeneration scheme (8,000 new homes) is Erith Think Tank and it will be staging an event in West Street Park tomorrow to raise awareness of the plan to cut down a small forest of trees and provide no affordable homes by way of recompense. The park is situated by the junction of West Street and MacArthur Close in Erith. DA8 1AF

It will be an all day event starting at 11:30 a.m. and I expect to be there to photograph their tree planting ceremony.

Bexley Council’s cut off date for objections is next Monday. All the details of the plan and what the Think Tank is doing are available by clicking the text image below.

Bexley Council’s Deputy Leader Louie French who is the Conservative’s General Election candidate in Eltham is getting some stick for his support of yet another park wrecking exercise, The 853 blog has the details. The defence that Louie was not a Member of Bexley Council when the decision to sell was taken is a bit weak; no Tory Councillor has ever voted against a park sale and you don’t rise to be Deputy Leader in only four years without being part of the crowd.
West Street Park

PeabodyAn event of a different sort takes place on the following Saturday, organised by someone who understands the meaning of the word consultation.

Peabody Housing Association will be setting out its plans for developing the Lesnes Estate (never heard it called that before) in the Sainsbury’s store on Harrow Manorway. If one of its lifts, travelators or stairs just happens to be available for use that day it may be worth local residents taking a look


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