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29 November (Part 2) - Bexley Council recycles old lies. Well exaggerations anyway

TweetBexley Conservatives have been busy bragging about their recycling rates this morning and there is no doubt at all that compared to other boroughs they have done very well. I cannot think of a single thing that that they could improve but their bragging can get perilously close to lying at times and I really wish they wouldn’t do it.

Best for 15 years in a row eh? Well not in 2011 when they were not even close and the claim that their garden waste charges are lowest in London stretches a point too, they are only cheapest among the few which charge at all.

Not a bad record but they always have to gild the lily with a lie or two. I wonder why they didn’t Tweet about their record on electric vehicle points. The article below is taken from one of this month’s motoring magazines. Thanks to a reader in an adjacent borough for that one.

For the complete recycling stats click the extract below. Bexley’s Press Release.
Recycling EV Charging points


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