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Bonkers Blog November 2019

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30 November (Part 1) - Lie of the day

Yesterday morning Boris Johnson was interviewed on LBC radio by Nick Ferrari. I wanted to listen to it but a visitor showed up at the wrong moment and I heard nothing but as usual it was fairly easy to catch up on line later.

At one point Mr. Johnson was talking about financing the elderly in care homes (video clip below) and some people say making a bit of a hash of it but it seemed fair enough to me. At the end of it the Prime Minister made a strange throat cutting gesture.

The spiteful left went berserk as they are apt to do. Both Mr. Bienkov and Mr. Boulton claim to be journalists but if they are they are not very good ones.

They said that the hand gesture was Boris indicating to Mr. Ferrari that he should change the subject quick.
Bienkov Boulton
Just look at how many Retweets and Likes Bienkov gets for his slur. It is still on line 24 hours after the broadcast even though Nick Ferrari explained exactly what had happened a few minutes after the event and Boris had been guilty of nothing except perhaps being good humoured.

Fortunately LBC has one totally reliable presenter named Iain Dale, the only one I have not turned off in disgust at some time or another. Mr. Dale explains in his blog that Nick Ferrari had used the throat cutting gesture as a signal to his producer. Boris thought it was funny and imitated it.

Iain Dale explains it in some detail on his blog. Mr. Dale may be honest but Messrs. Boulton and Beinkov are not.


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