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Bonkers Blog October 2019

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7 October - Extinction rebellion

Is there a toxic atmosphere within Bexley Council? Maybe; too many jobs are being extinguished and some of those remaining are rebelling against it.

Four months ago I was sent information that resulted in the following comment. The source was impeccable and named names, nevertheless it seemed wise to not go into too much detail and with Gill Steward’s expensive departure I assumed the bullying problem was an isolated one-off.
But apparently not.

Bullying is horrible and I was fortunate to only see it once during my own employment and only during the final year. Among the tricks employed by an incompetent called Colin Sutton was summoning all of his staff to his small office, 15 feet by eight maybe, for several hours and smoking cigars throughout to the point we could barely see or breathe. I called in the City of London Environmental Health Department and it was daggers drawn thereafter. My doctor gave me three weeks off work because my breathing was so bad. All a long time ago and I was lucky enough to get a redundancy package.

If current tittle tattle is correct staff at Bexley Council who are subject to bullying bosses do not have that option. They are leaving instead.

Details are hard to come by but the following is typical of the cries for help.

“I have been to three leaving presentations in the last month and three more lined up in the next month.”

I think that is the biggest and most telling extract of the latest email I dare place here. If the victims of the Bexley Bullies are not subject to Gagging Orders maybe they can offer corroboration?
Gagging orders
Paul Moore seems to have gone too. How widespread is the mismanagement within Bexley Council?


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