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8 October (Part 3) - Bent as a nine bob note

A recent email which was not anonymous asks why I have not given added publicity to the absolutely appalling Metropolitan Police investigation into the ridiculous allegations by Carl Beech against a variety of high profile individuals supported by the equally ridiculous Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson.

I am referred to a Daily Mail article on the subject on the grounds it will make me laugh. An unfortunate choice of words possibly but the emailer has a point. It ridicules all the police officers concerned whose incompetence has earned them promotions, large pensions and Lordships.

Would I expect anything else of people who are fundamentally corrupt?

I suppose the writer thinks my own brushes with police corruption is reason to provide a link to the Daily Mail article and an excuse to mention the pinnacle of police corruption which is the unsolved Daniel Morgan murder.

The enquiry into his murder authorised by Theresa May while Home Secretary is now into its seventh year and anything I may have learned from it cannot be repeated here but I see no reason why very recent informal family conversations have to be secret. It’s only informal opinion and it may be wrong.

“Cressida Dick has totally f***ed the panel enquiry. She wants nothing but delay and she does that by withholding information and using legal procedures to prevent [name redacted] from giving evidence.” That person knows more about the murder than anyone other than those who wielded the axe. Several of us think that Cressida Dick has caused around a year of very expensive delay and is behind police procrastination and non-cooperation with the Home Office’s enquiries.

I have little doubt personally that Cressida Dick is as bent as the proverbial nine bob note - that dates me doesn’t it? - but aren’t all police officers?

Even my friend Michael Barnbrook had to turn a blind eye to it. While an Inspector in Bexleyheath he reported a much more senior officer at another station for criminal misconduct. He was told that if he continued with his complaint the senior officer would be reprimanded and maybe even lose a rank but he (Michael) could expect to be transferred to a North London police station which would compel him to move and sell his house and find new schools for his children.

Michael allowed his own superior officer to screw up the complaint and throw it into the nearest waste bin.

All police officers are corrupt, it comes with the job.

See also Daily Mail article by a judge about the absolutely not Independent Office for Police Conduct.

Note: Daniel Morgan was the brother of my daughter’s long term partner.


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