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11 October (Part 2) - More on Moore

The Contact page was temporarily withdrawn last month after it attracted one too many abusive messages but it was too valuable a facility to lose especially its optional anonymity.

CAPTCHAI had knocked up the code myself many years ago from bits nicked off the web and it was far from perfect, those CAPTCHA spam filters are nothing but a pain; so I paid for better Contact code. The new page can do CAPTCHA but includes alternative security code. So far it appears to be working well without CAPTCHA and there have been more messages delivered that way since its introduction; nearly all of them anonymous.

One of the new facilities is the inclusion of attached files and the first of them arrived overnight.

It continues with the Bexley bullying theme and in particular whatever happened to long serving Director Paul Moore. Another message asks where the hell is the new Chief Executive Jackie Belton whose low profile has been mentioned already. I have no idea whether there is any justification for that report, perhaps she believes in holing up in her Civic Office bunker.

The Paul Moore submission is a little more substantive and says that a letter is circulating among staff that may shed a little light on his mysterious disappearance.

The attachment is not a proper scan but looks to me as though it was quickly snapped on a mobile. It is to be honest not as clear as it might be and disappointingly fails to include either a date or a signature, but it appears to be genuine enough in that I cannot imagine it was written by anyone other than Paul Moore.

From the bits that I am able to read I would say it is far too personal to be reproduced here but it is clearly written from the heart and a heart that someone appears to have broken.

I will leave you with this small extract. Someone at Bexley Council has been extraordinarily cruel towards Paul Moore. We had our very occasional differences but I could also refer you to incidents which would show him to be kind and caring. That might in itself explain why he is no longer welcome in Bexley, if that is indeed the case.
Paul Moore


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