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Bonkers Blog September 2019

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14 September (Part 1) - The ugly face of Bexley Council

On 31st October 2010 I submitted the following question to Bexley Council to be answered at their November Council meeting

Fence Gate“The Council’s Summer 2010 magazine said that fencing had been put up around Lesnes Abbey Woods to “eradicate” the problem of motorcyclists riding in the woods.

It is obvious to anyone walking there regularly that the fence has been a total failure in that regard but it has excluded the disabled in wheelchairs and at some access points makes entry by the fit and well difficult with a danger of heads making contact with scaffold poles - as the hazard tape confirms.

May I ask the Chairman of the Environment and Regeneration Committee the total cost of fencing Lesnes Abbey and Frank’s Parks.”

The answer was £74,995 which seemed dirt cheap when you consider it would take half an hour or so to walk around those two parks and my own 90 feet of fencing had cost more than two thousand just a few months earlier.

Further questions revealed that there was no prior consultation and the Conservatives blamed Labour for the decision; an Administration that had by then been out of power for four and a half years.

I doubt very much that so much fencing was done for just £75k.

After a few years the wooden posts rotted.

History is now repeating itself. Without prior notice Bexley Council has made an eyesore of Shoulder of Mutton Green in Welling. Concrete posts and scaffold poles around a delightful local amenity. The Philistines.

The locals have complained and been given lame fob offs about travellers’ caravans. They have sought support via a petition too. Take a look and see if you agree with them.
Shoulder of Mutton Green Shoulder of Mutton Green Shoulder of Mutton Green Shoulder of Mutton Green
Shoulder of Mutton Green

Nice house. Nice church. Nice park. Ugly fence. Uncaring Council.


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