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News and Comment September 2019

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20 September - Mainly rubbish

BarnetNearly ten years ago Barnet Council outsourced pretty much all of their services to Capita and the local blogging fraternity has been complaining about it ever since. Around a year ago Barnet Council services collapsed in a stinking heap, literally in some places.

A week ago Bexley Council issued a Press Release to say they had entered an eight year contract with Capita, more limited than Barnet’s, which they claim will result in a saving of £1 million a year. One must hope it is more successful than their recently abandoned big contract with Amey.

Usually BiB keeps a copy of Bexley Council’s Press Releases but recently they have been so poorly produced that they do not lend themselves to easy conversion to PDF so that one has been given a miss.

Food bins
BinAnother Press Release was issued yesterday which was once again a bit of a techno-mess but perseverance paid off and a PDF version was eventually produced. It says you may order a better food recycling box.

The Press Release gives details of the delayed issue of new wheelie bins too.

The last Press Release I saw that was done properly was issued by Lynne McVicar two weeks ago. Another warning not to misuse Blue Badges.

Paul Moore
I found out a little bit more about Paul Moore who has so often stood in for an absent Chief Executive. He is definitely away for some reason or other. Not just ordinarily away it would appear because a replacement has been dragged in from another borough. It doesn’t sound like a holiday and one must hope his health is in good shape.

The replacement is another of those rent a pen-pusher types who have worked just about everywhere. In this case Wirral, Bristol, Plymouth, Havering and perhaps significantly Newham, the new Chief Executive’s old stomping ground. A local authority so efficient that it claims to need 20% more Councillors. Maybe they are trying to maintain the London average number of Council brain cells. They have recently been persuaded that a 10% increase may suffice.

I’d rather back a public servant who stays in one place and is loyal to those who pay his wages more than his own pay packet.

The loon is back
The lunatic who wrote the diatribe reproduced here two days ago came back overnight. This time she claims she has enough on me to put me in jail and “we have reported you”.

Her deranged mind says I work in IT for a Local Authority, if so I don’t think I would last long. I decided to amend the Contact page so that it demanded a verified email address but I made a total mess of it and now it doesn’t work at all. So much for my IT skills!

Temporarily it is disabled totally until I find a better way of doing things. For the desperate the Contact form used to send messages to enquiry at bexley-is-bonkers dot co dot uk.


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